“If you work on something for a long time and persistently, in the end it will happen” – Sonja Drljevic

we are Women's Center Uzice

We are an organization dedicated to the promotion of the rights and position of women in all spheres of life and work, with special emphasis on economic empowerment and the provision of services to women in situations of violence. Our work is based on feminist principles.
Women’s Center Uzice was founded on August 4, 1998, as a result of an initiative of 15 women whose goal was to talk in the local community about the real position of women and their human rights and abilities, to strengthen women’s self-confidence, and to activate women in exercising their own rights and being economically empowered.
In 2000, the awareness of the needs of women in the local community resulted in the creation of a health, economic and educational program designed to empower women and improve their position on the path to gender equality.
The main goal of the organization is to improve the position and quality of life of women, especially women from vulnerable groups by:

A. recognizing the needs and problems of women, but also their potentials, and raising public awareness of their position and increasing the visibility of this issue among policy makers and

B. organizing women for economic empowerment, independence and connection with other organizations and their inclusion in the women’s network at the regional and national level.

Main programs of WCU today

SOS hotline
for victims of domestic and partner violence

Textile recycling

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