“If you work on something for a long time and persistently, in the end it will happen” – Sonja Drljevic

SOS hotline

The Women’s Center established a specialized SOS hotline for victims of domestic and partner violence in August 2015, and licensed this service in June 2018. By obtaining the license, the SOS hotline Uzice became part of the social protection system, which means that it meets all the standards and conditions for providing this service.

Contact us for support

The line is free of charge and available every working day from 8 am to 8 pm.
By calling, you can schedule an individual conversation – on our premises or online.

By contacting the SOS hotline, you are provided with:

A. Psychosocial support: informing and instructing victims through the SOS hotline and individual and group psychological counselling on the premises of the Women’s Center.
B. Free legal information: SOS hotline legal consultations and legal information on the premises of the Women’s Center.

Basic principles of SOS hotline: Confidentiality Anonymity Solidarity We trust you unconditionally

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women approached us
initiated legal proceedings
We are here to listen to you, understand, inform and help you get out of violence as painlessly as possible when YOU decide to do so!

If you or someone close to you is a victim of domestic violence,
contact us via the SOS phone or write here:

Our team:

Koordinatorka SOS telefona

SOS hotline coordinator

LLB with many years of experience in working with victims of violence



with a Master’s degree in Psychology and with many years of experience in providing psychological support to children and adults, victims of domestic violence

Socijalna radnica 1

Social worker

with a degree in social work and a personal license and experience in social protection

Socijalna radnica 2

Social worker

with a degree in social work and experience in social protection

Our beneficiaries said about us:

Thanks to you, I started a new life!

You helped me get out of the hell of violence. Thank you for existing.

I wouldn’t have made it without you!


Frequently asked questions

No, the decision to report violence to institutions is yours alone.

All services we provide are based on the principle of agreement with you and you have the right to change your mind at any time.

No, consultants will never ask for your name unless you introduce yourself. All information is confidential, and cannot be obtained by other persons or institutions.

Anyone who has knowledge of violence can contact us, regardless of gender and age.